This site is a repository for the few models I have made, mainly for Valve's Day of Defeat: Source, that may be of interest to mappers.

Those models are free to use - with appropriate and customary credits - in any Source game, unless otherwise specified. Please contact me if you would like to make modifications to my work.


Last updated 09/22/09

88mm crates

88mm crates and shell

Contains 5 models:

  • 88_ammo_crate_open0.mdl
  • 88_ammo_crate_open1.mdl
  • 88_ammo_shell.mdl
  • 88_ammo_crate_closed.mdl
  • 88_ammo_crate_lid.mdl
Uses Valve's casing texture; the 88_ammo_shell model can only be used in DoD:S.

Radio and antenna

Contains 5 models:

  • radio.mdl
  • antenna.mdl
  • antenna_destroyed.mdl
  • antenna_destroyed_gib1.mdl
  • antenna_destroyed_gib2.mdl

Corn field

Models of corn plants. Several sizes (in Hammer units):

  • corn_x1.mdl
  • corn_96_200.mdl
  • corn_128_400.mdl
  • corn_256_400.mdl
  • corn_512_400.mdl
  • corn_down_256_200.mdl
Credits to Kane for his help on the texture. Many thanks to Pedroleum for the handy tip on vertex normals to obtain a uniform lighting.

Destroyed horizontal tank

Destroyed version, with 2 gibs, of Valve's horizontal cooling tank. Uses Valve's texture and base mesh; can only be used in DoD:S.


Modified Valve windows

Some slight modifications of Valve's windows that may come in handy for mappers - for instance so you can make brush shutters with custom materials and easily introduce some visual variety. Uses Valve's texture; can only be used in DoD:S.

gas pump

Gas pump

Model of a gas pump.


Gun racks

Models of gun racks. 2 skins to chose from for the Axis ones; credits to Grippy for the "Grippy" skin. Uses Valve's textures for the rifles; can only be used in DoD:S.


V-1 Flying Bomb pack

Contains 17 models, most with LODs.

  • v1_start_group.mdl
  • v1_flying_bomb_skybox.mdl
  • v1_flying_bomb_trolley.mdl
  • v1_flying_bomb_crashed.mdl
  • v1_flying_bomb_ramp.mdl
  • v1_flying_bomb_ramp_destroyed.mdl and gib
  • v1_launch_cart.mdl
  • v1_launch_cart_destroyed.mdl and 3 gibs
  • v1_start_group.mdl
  • v1_start_group_destroyed.mdl and 3 gibs
Objective icons included.


Model of a fountain: 2330 tris at LOD0, down to 430 tris at LOD2; 2 skins (diffuse 1024^2). Objective icons included.

SdKfz234 Puma

Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma

German eight-wheel drive armored car. Contains 9 models:

  • Sd.Kfz.234 Puma (1 model with a beige paint, 1 model with a green camo paint), prop_static
  • Sd.Kfz.234 Puma posed with the turret and wheels turned sideways (1 model with a beige paint, 1 model with a green camo paint), prop_static
  • Sd.Kfz.234 Puma destroyed (1 model with a beige paint, 1 model with a green camo paint), prop_static
  • 3 gibs (prop_physics) that can be used in a detonation setup
All the models use one 2048*2048 texture (the main version and the posed version share the same one). The gibs share a unique 1024*512 texture. The ammo box uses a texture from Valve. The wheels are based on the wheel texture from the Sd.Kfz.222 by Valve. Can only be used in DoD:S. Also included are objective icons depicting the vehicle.
Small well

Small rustic well

Contains 2 models (prop_static) of a small rustic well:

  • well (2 skins, normal and snow)
  • well (normal skin) with some grass around it
Texture 1024x512 (256^2 for the grass). 940 tris (630 at LOD1).
Antenna coq

Weather cock

Model of a weather cock. 400 tris. Uses Valve's antenna model and texture as a base. Can only be used in DoD:S.

Freya radar

Freya radar

5 models:

  • freya_radar: prop_static; 7200 to 2900 tris (with LODs)
  • freya_radar_destroyed: prop_static; 5300 to 2300 tris (with LODs)
  • freya_radar_destroyed_gib1
  • freya_radar_destroyed_gib2
  • freya_radar_destroyed_gib3: prop_physics; 30 to 160 tris
The models use one 1024*1024 and two 512*512 textures. Also included are objective icons depicting the radar.

Fueldrum stacks

Contains 2 models:

  • stack_fueldrums: 4276 tris to 820 (3 LODs)
  • stack_fueldrums_side: 1 256x256 texture (43 Kb). 2596 tris to 356 (3 LODs)
Combines Valve's textures and models. Can only be used in DoD:S.

Metal cross

1 model (2 LODs), texture 512x256 (2 skins).

Road pack

Road pack

Contains 12 models, mostly prop_static (the few prop_physics are identified in the image and in the following list):

  • milestone_1
  • milestone_2
  • milestone_3
  • sign_kommandantur (prop_physics)
  • sign_africa
  • sentry_box
  • gate_closed
  • gate_open
  • gate_crashed1
  • gate_crashed2 (prop_physics)
  • gate_crashed2_static
  • gate_crashed3 (prop_physics)
512*512 textures are used, except for the sentry box which is 1024*1024; no normal maps. Milestone_2, sign_kommandantur and sign_africa each come with 2 skins (different texts). Low-poly counts, the highest being the sign_africa with 934 tris (down to 498 at LOD1_35 meters).


Contains 3 haystack models:

  • haystack2: 1024^2 texture; 900 tris to 230 tris (3 LODs)
  • haystack_snow: 1024^2 texture; 900 tris to 230 tris (3 LODs)
  • haystack_skybox: two skins (512^2 each); 600 tris
Uses a Valve texture for the wooden parts and some of the hay. Can only be used in DoD:S.
small signs

Small signs

13 models of miscellaneous signs, all prop_physics:

  • signs_small_kriegslaz
  • signs_small_symbol
  • signs_small_vs
  • signs_small_hv
  • signs_small_27
  • signs_small_hoh
  • signs_small_9p
  • signs_small_akp
  • signs_small_trv
  • signs_small_feldlaz
  • signs_small_platzk
  • signs_small_glnorm
  • signs_small_feldg
All models call to a unique 512*512 texture (no normal map). They break into the Valve default wooden sign gibs.
Bomb stacks

Bomb stacks

Modeled after Luftwaffe SC 250 bombs. Contains 3 models (prop_static):

  • bomb_stack_1
  • bomb_stack_2
  • bomb_stack_3
Each stack is about 1600 tris at LOD0 and 770 tris at LOD1 (30 meters) and uses a 512*512 texture (no normal map).
Jumo 211 engine

Junkers Motoren 211 and SC 250 bomb

Contains 2 models (prop_static):

  • Jumo 211 engine: split in 2 models: top and bottom. Texture 1024*1024 each. Normal map (512*512) for the top portion. 3538 tris at LOD0, 2070 at LOD30, and 1267 at LOD50
  • SC 250 bomb: texture 512*512. 930 tris at LOD0, 426 at LOD30
Also included are objective icons depicting the Jumo from the side.

Leichtgeschütz 40 - 75mm recoilless gun

Contains 3 models (prop_static):

  • the LG40 itself: 3 skins (0: standard green; 1: desert; 2: snow), 1024x1024. LOD0: 3780 tris; LOD1 (30m): 1906; LOD2 (50m): 1169
  • a simple destroyed LG40 (no gibs): 2 skins (0: green; 1: desert), 1024x1024. LOD0: 3472 tris; LOD1 (30m): 1822; LOD2 (50m): 1169
  • an ammo chest: 1 skin 1024x1024. LOD0: 1448 tris; LOD1 (15m): 1018; LOD2 (20m): 534
Also included are objective icons depicting the LG40 from the side (white).